Firepit Collective Debut Studio Album "To The Lost"


The long awaited debut studio album from Jay Terrestrial and Firepit Collective combines new arrangements of traditional songs and tunes along with unheard original material. "To The Lost" makes the heart yearn for the open road and the meeting of friends old and new around the fire.

"Delving into traditional folk is on the one hand like hearing the voices of people whose names are long forgotten, their stories, their creativity, dreams, hopes and struggles, and on the other is just a natural expression of rainy island roots and culture - North Atlantic style"

To The Lost features Jay Terrestrial and Chezney Newman joined by guest musicians Jess Cahill, Jez Hellard, David Garner, Rosie Nobbs, Chris Bowsher and Del Wilson with original artwork by Vita Sunter.

Track Listing
  1. Winter Mist [listen to Winter Mist on Soundcloud]
  2. Bella Ciao
  3. Durhamericana Set
  4. Deep Sea
  5. Ay Carmela
  6. Georgie
  7. Sportmans Hornpipe
  8. Hanging Johnny / Nail em up
  9. Pelting Drove
  10. Wayfairing Stranger
  11. Rawnee Reels
  12. I Choose The Road
  13. Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier
  14. Ridgeway Downs

Previews tracks for To The Lost available on soundcloud. (More will be added over the coming weeks.)